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Product Overview McAfee® Internet Security Trusted antivirus and online protection for Unlimited devices: PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets with a single subscription McAfee® Internet Security provides peace of mind to consumers around the world with digital protection, including award-winning antivirus protection for PCs and Macs and mobile devices. With a quick install and our always up to date security, it blocks threats using antivirus that’s verified by independent tests—now backed by our 100% Virus Protection Guarantee  1 {“duration”:65.932533,”isAdaCompliantTranscripts”:false,”sources”: ,”src”:{“src”:”/_cp/products/1501186263369/tab-e1249458-a237-491b-9bad-c36ddfb55d6f/”,”width”:640,”height”:360},”customPoster”:{“sources”: ,”src”:{“src”:”/_cp/products/1501186263369/tab-e1249458-a237-491b-9bad-c36ddfb55d6f/9411e570-2568-4a3f-bb0c-286c4a6ed607.jpg”,”width”:640,”height”:360},”runtimeSrc”:{“src”:”/_cp/products/1501186263369/tab-e1249458-a237-491b-9bad-c36ddfb55d6f/9411e570-2568-4a3f-bb0c-286c4a6ed607.jpg.web.jpg”,”width”:640,”height”:360},”editorOriginalName”:”Why McAfee Intro Frame.jpg”,”isAdaCompliant”:false},”runtimePoster”:{“sources”: ,”src”:{“src”:”/_cp/products/1501186263369/tab-e1249458-a237-491b-9bad-c36ddfb55d6f/”,”width”:640,”height”:360},”runtimeSrc”:{“src”:”/_cp/products/1501186263369/tab-e1249458-a237-491b-9bad-c36ddfb55d6f/”,”width”:640,”height”:360},”editorOriginalName”:”Why_McAfee_Video_LoRes (1).mov”,”isAdaCompliant”:false},”assetWrapper”:”rich-features”,”caption”:”Key Features”,”showVideoCaption”:true,”isAdaCompliant”:false} Key Features Award-W inning Security: Defend against viruses, ransomware and other online threats Safe Web Browsing:   Get   warned about risky websites and prevent dangerous downloads Firewall Security : Keep hackers & malware from attacking your PC by blocking access PC Boost:  Increases the performance of your computer’s browser and apps, allowing you to spend more time on what matters. 2 Award-Winning Antivirus Easy to use security from a name you trust Block viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and unwanted programs Anti-SPAM: Prevent SPAM email from reaching your inbox Cross-Device: Protect all your devices so you are protected at home and on the go Virus Protection Pledge 100% Guarantee McAfee® Internet Security is backed by our 100% Guarantee providing you with the confidence that if your PC gets a virus a McAfee expert will remove it, or your money back! Requires enrollment in auto-renewal service; additional terms apply. Beyond Antivirus Go beyond Antivirus with rich features that protect your identity, data and devices. Comprehensive Mobile Security: Keep your data safe and easily track your lost or stolen device even if the SIM is replaced Always Up to Date : Our software is automatically updated, to ensure you have the latest protection Password Manager:  Recognizes your fingerprint or secondary device, secures your passwords & instantly logs you in to your websites and apps This product can be activated GLOBALY.

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